Friday, July 30, 2010

Boating Fun

We went to Pop-pop and Karen's for the 4th of July.

Sarah driving the boat.

Elijah driving the boat.

Elijah catching a fish.

Kayla and Sarah eating a snack.
Sarah crying because she wants to drive the boat.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010


FINALLY, the toothfairy will be visiting our home. After six months of wiggling his tooth, Elijah finally lost his first tooth! He was so excited. I am so glad the tooth is out, I am tired of wiggling it. He would not wiggle it, he always wanted me to wiggle it. He has a Mickey Mouse tooth holder that his papaw got him when he was a baby. Papaw is no longer with us, so it was a good memory to share with him. Papaw also got a Minnie Mouse one, so Sarah has one when she is older. Elijah's baby room was Disney, so Mickey and Minnie sat on a shelf in the nursery. It is great to be using them finally. Guess Elijah will go to sleep fast tonight!!!
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stomach bug, tooth extraction, soccer camp and more...

That is our week in review. Can you guess who had what? Are you sure......?

Yep, you are right. Elijah had the soccer camp. He had a blast! Learned tons of new skills. He did really great. Sarah and I helped one day and she helped the kids learn to be really fast at chasing their balls, lol. Elijah was picked as the overall player of the week for his age level. He listened, did what they asked, tried hard and played well. Very proud of him.

Doug had the tooth extraction, actually it was teeth extractions. He still had 2 wisdom teeth and had those pulled on Friday. He is doing ok. A bit sore and feels swollen today. He is being an ok patient.

Sarah, of course, was the one with the stomach bug! She was a very sick little girl. The doctor gave us some meds on Thurday for vomiting and she is MUCH better today. Last night was the first night in DAYS we have slept. Mommy was so glad to sleep. I was a bit grumpy yesterday.

If today goes well, the kids and I are going to my mom's tomorrow and then on to Mississippi to see my grandmother. Then Elijah is going to stay the weekend in GA. We had planned on going this weekend, but we do not want to share our stomach bug. Well, off to sanitize the house.
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Friday, July 16, 2010


Figured Sarah would figure out the iPod before me!!! Actually our iPod is acting up. Called the help desk and need to send it in for repair. Probably will be like the vehicle when I take it in---it will work fine and not have any problems!! Oh well, at least it will come back working. Sarah really likes to listen to music on it. She likes to carry it around. Need to get a case for it. She also liked the Dora movie I downloaded for her!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Fun at the Drive-in Movies

Jason came for a visit, so we went to the Drive-in. The drive-in is our favorite summer activity as a family. It is so much easier than trying to go to the theater. It is a lot cheaper too! We take a picnic supper, eat and then play while we wait for it to get dark enough for the show. The kids are generally asleep by the time the first show is over and since it is always a double feature, Doug and I can enjoy the second movie. We have only been a couple of times this year, but hope to go a time or two more if possible. Doug always laughs at me because I always call it the drive-thru movie, lol. Think we visit McDonalds too often!
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Vacation Fun!!

When we were not at the pool or the beach this was Elijah's favorite activity:

Here is Sarah's: Pitching a fit!!! Although she also enjoyed this:

We all really had fun. It was also relaxing, we did not have any plans and just did what we wanted. It was great. We did go to Panama City one afternoon and spent some time with our extended family that was also in Florida that week.
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Vacation Pool Pictures

Here are more pictures from our Florida Vacation. Sorry for the delay between post of pictures. We had an interruption of internet service for a little over a week. It is a long story and one day when I am no longer mad I will share, but for now it would not be a nice post, so I will keep my comments to myself!! Elijah really enjoyed the water this year. He was so much more independent. He loved swimming. He is getting pretty good at it. He is still using a bathing suit with the built in lifevest, but he is swimming and playing without being scared. This is a big improvement from last year. Sarah still loves the water and has no fear. She loves to jump in and go under. She scares me. I have to keep both hands on her at all times. I think the pool was their favorite.
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