Friday, September 17, 2010

Awesome Magic Maker

Today we received our Disney documents in the mail from our AWESOME MAGIC MAKER!!!! We went through Off to Neverland Travel. Our Magic Maker is Jennifer Lennox. Jennifer is wonderful to work with. She made all of our arrangements, reservations, gave us suggestions, outlined the best way to navigate through the park, and personalized our trip for us. Going above and beyond, she created these magical one of a kind autograph books for the kids, based on our conversations! They are the most wonderful gifts. Elijah was ecstatic over the pirate Mickey and Sarah was oooh and ahhhh-ing over her princess book. She cried when I put it up!!! If you are planning a vacation to Disney, give Jennifer a call, you will not be disappointed!
Jennifer Lennox
Off to Neverland Travel
Two more weeks!!!! I am sooooooooo excited! I think I am way more excited than the kids.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I forget.

Miss Attitude has this thing about hats or anything on your head or a change in your hairstyle. I don't know if it throws her off on identifying you or she just does not like it. I have a wedding picture that I have had hanging on the wall since our wedding. Not this picture, but similar. Sarah has NEVER named me in the picture. She has been naming Doug forever. When you ask her who else is in the picture, she just repeats "who else". Well, this week she is looking at the picture and says Daddy. I ask "who else?" and she replies "I forget" and runs. The little stinker. The next day Doug asked her who was in the picture and she says "mommy and daddy", and laughs hysterically and runs from the room. She still refuses to tell me who is in the picture. Wonder
how long she has known it was me with Doug in the picture?
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun Day with Grandma

Last weekend, we went to Grandma's. As we were going through Louisville, I noticed a sign for a farm that had a cornmaze, fun activities, and a restaurant. We decided to try it out while we were in town. We all had a great day. We took a Dora cake with Sarah, Grandma, and my name on it for our birthdays and had it after lunch.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess!

(Opening gifts at your birthday dinner)
Today you turn 4 years old! You are our princess. You have grown so much. You have brought us so much joy and love. You are loved by everyone who knows you. You make friends with everyone and love to give hugs and kisses. (LeapFrog Scribble and Write-you think this is a Leapster like Elijah's, you want to be like your big brother!)
You will start Mother's Day Out next week and you are so excited. We have been practicing your verse which happens to be part of the verse we picked for your baby dedication. You will sign "I am wonderfully made", but you say "I wonderful." You are wonderful. (listening to the Princess book Nana sent you, it recorded her reading it to you!)
God made you to show true love and to bring joy to others. You have taught us so much about how to love others and to show God's love. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!!!(You loved them singing Happy Birthday to you!!)
We are going to Disney in one month to celebrate birthday's this year!! We are getting so excited!!!
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