Monday, March 31, 2008


Sarah has started imitating people. She will repeat what you say, she coughs if you cough, etc. Last night, Doug sneezed several times and then Sarah said, "Dada achoo(fake sneeze)", and then laughed. She was so cute and she knew it. She is really achieving. In speech and cognitive abilities she is right on target for her age. Motor skills are still behind, but she is improving!! By the way, found a great new product called Windows Live Writer. It is great for blogging. You can use all types of fonts and pictures are easier to do, I am having fun!!!


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Friday, March 28, 2008

Butterfly Kisses

Sarah was in a loving mood last night, so she wanted to love on her daddy.  She also liked the fact that he had not shaved.  His stubble tickles her face and she will just keep rubbing against it.


Of course Elijah has to get in on the loving, so he joined the tickling.  They are so funny about loving on daddy.  They both get jealous if the other is loving on daddy and have to join in.oD

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Word List

Sarah's therapist asked me to start a list of Sarah's words for her so we could see how many she is saying. So here goes:
bubba(Elijah when she is mad)
woof, woof(when asked what a dog says)
baba(bottle-used for wanting a drink)
nite-nite(wants to go to bed)
nana(my mom)
papapa(Pop-pop my dad)
nanma(grandma Doug's mom)

Combined phrases:
dada clap
momma up
want that
momma nite nite
baby doll
lilah no
lilah mine

Sarah does not use words on a regular bases. Some days she only babbles, other days she talks. It all depends on her mood. She will also say her vowel sounds that we are learning in therapy. Not for the therapist, but at home or on the way home from therapy.

She still refuses to do any signs. She will take your hand and sign more and done, and will point to a sign if you are giving her an option. She will initiate patty cake and itsy bitsy spider by doing the motions.

Update: At lunch today Sarah signed more 2 times!!! I asked her if she was done and she signed more!! YIPEE!!!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do you believe in Miracles?

I do. God blesses us with miracles each and everyday, but often we are too busy to see them. We just accept things as fact, and never question how things happen. Did you breath this morning? Did you have to think about it? Those are miracles. The human body defies science. We should not be able to stand upright on our feet. Too much weight on too small of a surface. Then our organs working like they do. All miracles. We forget so often to thank God for the miracles that happen everyday. We often see the big miracles. But the day to day miracles are amazing and even more amazing is that the continue to happen day by day. My family is a miracle. I was in my 30's when Doug and I met, through e-harmony. Many, Many, Many miracles took place to join us together, not to mention the 500 miles distance. Elijah is a miracle. I was told pregnancy would be hard to obtain. We did fertility treatment and were pregnant in months, not years. Sarah is a miracle. God used another family to conceive her and give her life and then to make a decision to place her with us. People who love her dearly and wanted the best for her. Then they picked us, we feel so humbled by that. God's Miracle. Tons of miracles happened to bring us Sarah. Miracles are still happening in our lives. Today was a day filled with miracles. Both kids slept last night, miracle. Sarah is better, no breathing difficulties, slight cough, miracle. Elijah all well, miracle. Then things change, and my outlook on the day could change, but I still see miracles. I have vertigo and sometimes it just hits. When it does I hit the ground and start vomiting violently. Today it hit. I hit the ground, a clean piece of floor, no toys, A MIRACLE! I did not begin vomiting, I felt sick, but ok, A MIRACLE. I convinced Elijah to climb on the desk and get the phone(got to lower the phone), he obeyed, A MIRACLE! I called Doug, he started home, he was out of his meeting, A MIRACLE. Sarah decided to venture down the hall, Elijah scooted her back to me, she did not cry, A MIRACLE. Doug got home, vomiting began, but it waited until I had help, A MIRACLE. A true friend, Jennifer came over and watched the kids, A MIRACLE. Kim, the preschool director from church called to check on Sarah, explained our situation, showed up an hour later with supper for us, A MIRACLE. All of these miracle were before lunch. There is no way this was coincidence. God is working miracles all around us. Do you see them? Did you see any miracles today? Were you looking?
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To Cough or not to cough

Elijah coughs, Sarah coughs, Mommy coughs, Daddy coughs, then it starts all over again. The cough bug has hit. Elijah and Daddy seem to be allergies. They mowed the grass/weeds on Saturday. Mommy thinks she may have bronchitis. Her chest burns when she coughs. Ugh! Sarah has croup again. She started coughing some on Sunday. Sunday night was bad. I called the ped to get meds, they wanted to wait and see how she did. At 2am Monday night I called the ped back she was worse. Doug made a trip to the pharmacy. I did not even know that the pharmacy was opened at that time. It would have been easier if the ped just gave me the Rx and told me to wait and not give it unless she got worse. It is not fun to be up at midnight, 1, 2, 3, 4 and then she finally went to sleep and Elijah got up at 6:30. When Sarah awoke she was struggling to breath so we headed in. Her o2 sats were 88. They worked with her and got them back up to 95-97. She then did fine so they let us come home. She slept all night last night and seems fine this morning. Let's pray we are all on the mend.
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Monday, March 24, 2008


Here are a few pictures of Easter. We did not get any pictures outside it was 30 degrees here! I have an appointment to get Easter/Spring pictures this week. We had a great day. Pop-pop and Karen were still here so the kids got to spend Easter with them. It is hard being so far away from family on holidays and special occasions. I am very grateful that so far we have been blessed to have family around on holidays! We are going to see Nana in April and will go see Grandma in June after Sarah's surgery in May. The kids are a bit sick today. Sarah has double ear infections again, a cough, and ran a fever last night-none today. Elijah has a cough. I even woke with a cough, sore throat, and earache. I think we will be staying in today! I will have to go at some point to wash a few diapers. Our washer is on strike. With all of the moving, it just quit on me halfway through a load on Friday. The dryer has been on the blitz for awhile, so we decided to just get both. They are suppose to deliver them on Tuesday!!! Have a great week!
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dyeing Easter Eggs

We dyed eggs this morning with Pop-pop and Karen. Elijah had lots of fun. Sarah just tried to eat the eggs. We then went out in the yard and hunted the eggs. Sarah has an ear infection again and it was a little cold so she watched from the door. We are planning on going to a egg hunt later today if it warms up!!!
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Elijah you have some explaining to do!!!!

Let's just say this was not planned or a posed picture. Although it is cute. Let's recap the conversation:
Elijah: Mommy, I am stuck (I am in the laundry room doing laundry)

Mommy: How are you stuck? (He can get stuck sitting in the chair, I am not alarmed at this point).

Elijah: I am stuck in the baby walker.

Mommy: Elijah, how many times have I told you that you are too big....(it was at this point that I recalled I had put Sarah in the walker before going into the laundry room. I could envision Sarah hanging over the side of the walker and Elijah trying to push her out so he could get in.).

Mommy: (Trying not to laugh, I am in the playroom by now) Elijah! You can not get in the walker, especially when Sarah is in the walker. Wait, stay right there I have to take a picture for the blog page.

Sarah was giggling the entire time! She was having the time of her life. Not sure what the look is about in the last picture, that is her look that she gives if you are not doing what she wants or you want her to do something that she is not going to do. The therapist get this look a lot! The kids had just had a bath so their hair is wet not dirty! I admit we do not make it to bathing the kids everyday, but we bath often enough so that the hair is not oily!!
Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Leg Bandit Strikes Again!

She did it again! I got more pictures of Sarah with her and her dolls legs out of the bedrails. I give up. I do not know how to stop this. She is getting some better at getting them out herself I think. I can hear her banging on the rail and when I go in she does not have her feet out, so I think she is getting them out some of the time. Her sleep has been awful since her ear infections last week. She is sooooooooo restless. I am so ready to get her surgery over to see an improvement. We go back to the ped on Friday. I do not think her ears are completely better. She is not crying with them anymore, but she is still not herself. We are also having her 18 month well check. Wow, it is hard to believe she is already 18 months. Boy, time flies when you are having FUN!!!! She is so precious. Both of my children are so special to me. God has truly blessed me with the best family!
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sarah went pee-pee, Sarah went pee-pee

She really went pee-pee on the potty, really!!! I have noticed that when I change her she starts concentrating and will then pee. Several times her diaper has been dry until I open it. I just thought I would put her on the potty and see how she reacted. She sat there and started peeing. We all did the potty dance and song. She was so proud. She just kept saying YEAH! I am not sure she really understood what she did, but she does seem to have some control. For now I will just put her on the potty when I am going to change her. I don't really think either of us are ready for potty training. If she keeps peeing on the potty, I guess I will have to think about this and see how to potty train a child who is not walking yet. She does say a few words and is starting to repeat words that we say. She totally refuses to sign. If we try to get her to sign she starts shaking her head no and says no, no, no. Guess I need to start teaching her to say potty or pee-pee, something. Someday she is going to get me for posting her potty adventures for all to see!!!
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Would not make it as a single mom

Doug left Sunday night to go on a business trip. Let's just say I am exhaused. God created families to have both a mommy and a daddy for a reason. Children take 2 parents. God also blessed me with the most wonderful husband and father. When Doug comes in at night he devotes his night to the children. He plays with them, bathes them(except for washing their hair!), and basically gives me a break. It is so much easier to cook supper without the children crying at my feet. I am a much better mom when I get a break from the kids for a bit each day. This is also spring break week for Elijah. I do not know who came up with spring break, but it is highly over-rated in my book. It was horrible taking 2 kids to Sarah's therapy session today. Elijah was so bad, I was embarrassed. Sarah took her que from him, so she was also bad. I was ready to cry by the time we got home. Everyone had a LONG rest time today. Mommy needed a break. Doug coming through the door was the best site tonight. I refuse to let him travel again.
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Is it finished yet??????????????

Well, the answer is..........yes and no. The week started out bad. They did not show up on Mon-car trouble was the excuse. Tues they said they would be done on Thursday, Friday at the latest. We did not see any progress after they left on Tues, so we figured Fri. Friday came and so did the excuses. We told them we had plans for Sat so they would have to be done by 1pm. Sat morning came and no workers. They showed up at 10 and started at 11. I would love a job that gives you an hour to get ready to work. One of the contractors had to make 2 runs to Home Depot, at 1:30 they said we are going to go over the 1pm time just a little(Wow wonder how they figured that out so far in advance). Doug asked how much longer, they said 2 more hours. Well our plans started at 3 so we did some changes so we thought for sure they would be done by 4pm. But, oh no 4 came and went, 5pm, 6pm....Doug finally said you have to go we have plans. He asked what was left, basically about 2 hours of finishing work. They asked about coming on Mon to finish. I said no, I have company coming next week and I need time to clean. We are also having the carpet cleaned today and I do not want them on the carpet until it is fully dry. I told them they could not come back until the 24th. That did not go over well. They then asked to be paid some of the remaining amount we owed, I said no the contract said the last amount would be paid on completion of the job and the job was not complete. That really went over BAD! I then asked how much did I owe them for them to just leave and we would do the rest. They told us an amount that was reasonable and I paid and told them GOODBYE!!!! Yippee they are gone. The plumber was really good and it was not his fault. He is going to come back later and fix the outside faucet for us. The other guy was the problem. He could work 10 hours and not have anything to show for it. Doug and my Dad will finish it up for us. I have everything moved for the carpet cleaners and I will get pictures after the carpet is cleaned and I put stuff back. I will paint as I can, so it will not be totally finished for several months. My hand does not like painting and I am not going to push it. Doug is not a good painter, so we will wait! He is good at carpentry and I am awful at things like that. I can not hang my pictures straight he has to do that for me! We make a good team.

Here are pictures of the kids this weekend!!!
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Here comes Peter Cottontail........

We took Elijah and Sarah to an Easter Egg Hunt today. The one we normally go to was rained out yesterday, so we went to the Methodist Church up the street today. They had a puppet show and then the egg hunt. Both of the kids really enjoyed it. Everyone was so sweet. Elijah got a basket full of eggs and candy. Sarah would only pick up a few eggs, she was too busy trying to lick all of her eggs, and eat the candy through the paper. She definitely has a sweet tooth. She loves candy! She has recently cut her 2 eye teeth just a bit and has really been chewing on things(so we are up to 4 teeth). She is teething again, so maybe we will have more teeth soon. We had their picture made with the Easter Bunny. Sarah went right to him/her, but Elijah was a bit more cautious, and finally sat beside the bunny for the picture. Hope everyone has a great week, I will try to post more this week. Maybe I will even let you know if the construction is done.
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Elijah's life like tower

Elijah asked Daddy to build him a tower he could climb through. Doug was able to build this for Elijah. What took Doug 20 minutes to build, Elijah destroyed in 2 min. He climb through it once or twice and then tore it down. I think he is going to be a demolition expect when he grows up! Nana sent him a package in the mail the other day. He got 2 new card games and some goodies and a car. One of the games is Snap. We have really enjoyed playing this as a family. We have played it several time each night. He loves to get mail.

The contractors did not show up last night. They had car trouble. They came tonight. They are almost done. We think by the weekend they will be finished!! I will still have tons of painting and cleaning to do, but at least I will be able to do it and get it finished.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sarah-Bug feeds herself !!

We have been working with Sarah on feeding herself. She has a hard time releasing foods from her hands to get the food into her mouth. We have been working with a fork, since ultimately that is how she will eat. I have been putting food on the fork and laying the fork on the tray. She will pick up the fork and put it into her mouth and pull the food off and then return the fork to the tray(this took a long time to teach her to do, she would rather throw the fork with the food still attached). Today I decided to start working with her to poke the food and then feed herself. After showing her one time, SHE DID IT!!!! She picked up the fork, put food on it, put it in her mouth, pulled the food off, and laid the fork back down!!!! She fed herself eggs(which are not easy to eat with a fork!) and still wanted more to eat so I gave her mandrian oranges and she was able to do those also. She work really hard with her educator today. Her physical therapist was out sick so we did not have PT today. She is really growing up fast.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekly Update

Sorry I have not posted in awhile. The contractors have been working until after 9pm and 10pm is my bedtime(I have never adjusted to CST and my body still sees 10 as 11 pm EST). No the contractors are not done. Let's see they said two weeks, were a day behind on day 1, we are on week 4 and still not done. They worked long hours this weekend, but we did not see much progress. They both have other jobs that they are going to this week, so they will only be working at night. I think we might, just might be done by 2010. The dining room is complete!! The master bath just needs trim work in front of the tub. I have already moved in!! Downstairs: New hallway needs trim completed, carpet put on stairs, and something between the lanolium and carpet into playroom. Bathroom needs trim in front of shower, toilet has a manufacturing defect and has to be replaced. Playroom ceiling needs to be mudded, textured, and all of it painted and crown molding replaced. I am going to do all of the painting, they were too expensive. I also have to repair/replace the wallpaper border in the playroom they damaged and repaint areas that they have bumped and scraped. All of my carpets will have to be steamed cleaned and all of the house cleaned from all of the dust. I think I need to give them a bill for the damage they created(as mad and upset as I am with them, I just might.) There are several areas that I am not happy with the work they did, but I want them out of my house, so I am not having them fix it, maybe I will adjust their pay!!!

I am also posting some pictures of the kids, I know you are more interested in them than the house! Elijah is excited about the new potty downstairs and getting to help mommy paint (I am having nightmares about this!). He has really had a growth sput lately. He is getting tall and skinny. He is eating me out of house and home right now. Sarah is getting over double ear infections. Last week was rough. She is much better today and back to talking and laughing. She has begun putting words together and we are so excited. She is getting more secure in walking and last week cruised the length of Elijah's bed and then transferred to his rocking chair. She pushed the chair a little ways down the hall and kept on walking(I was holding the chair so it did not get away from her). I think any day she will turn loose and go. She is doing better with feeding herself. The mother's day out program at church has agreed to take her in the 2 day a week program next year. I was surprised since they are not prepared to accommodate special needs, but they think she is on target enough to try it! Praise the Lord! We want her to have the socialization, but I did not want her in preschool for special needs. I was planning on waiting another year, but they think this year would be best so she can start in the 1 yr old class and get fundamentals. Elijah and Sarah will go on opposite days so I can keep Sarah's therapies the same.

I hope to be able to post more this week!
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have heard of daughter like mother, but baby doll like baby?

Sarah for some reason likes to sleep with her legs between the bars of the crib. I have to go in numberous times to get her legs unstuck for her. I do not know how to stop this. I had to take the bumper pads off because she was wedging her head between the bumper pad and bed rails. The first time I saw her do this I freaked and immediately took out the bumper pads. I don't know when she taught the doll to do this, but we thought it was picture perfect. Sorry about the picture quality, she was asleep so the room was dark.
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Who ate all of the Girl Scout Cookies?

I found the box of Girl Scout Cookies!
Where are the Cookies????
Who ate all of the cookies and did not leave me any?

Uncle Tim brought Girl Scout cookies with him from Lindsey when he came to pick up Grandma. They were a big hit. I let Sarah taste one and she really loved the cookie and wanted more. She found the box and began searching. Thought these pictures told the story. My favorite cookie is the thin mints frozen. They are so much better frozen with a cold glass of milk(preferably whole milk). The only cookies that I don't care for are the ones with coconut on them. I love the flavor of coconut, but not the texture. Feels like hair in my mouth. Wonder if that is what spaghetti feels like to Sarah? She seems to be over her texture issues, but still does not like spaghetti pasta. She will eat the sauce on different noodles, but spits the spaghetti noodles and keeps on spitting forever. Hum, don't think I will try her on spaghetti noodles again. I would hate to think it feels like hair in her mouth. YUCK!
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Downstairs bathroom, Is it finished yet?

Downstairs ceiling, Is it finished yet.....................NO!
Wall in dining room where washer and dryer was, Is it finished yet....................NO!

Master bathroom, Is it finished.............NO!

Well, our contractors said they would be finished in two weeks. Two weeks are up, are they finished yet, NO!! Now I realize that we have had a few setbacks/changes, but I really think they should be further along by now. I tried my hardest to get them to finish downstairs before starting upstairs. It was like talking to a brick wall. The reason for starting up stairs changed several times, but never a good reason to me, but I lost the battle.
Let me give you a breakdown of the week:
Mon: Everything went fine. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Tues: They began talking about starting upstairs. I put up a fight. It was decided they would start on Wed am. 10:30pm Sarah began vomiting and continued through the night.
Wed: I am ankle deep in laundry. No you can not start upstairs I need my washer. They stayed busy downstairs, and left me alone. They would start Thursday am. 10:30 pm-yes the same time different day different kid! Elijah began vomiting and continued throughout the night.

Thurs: I awake and don't feel so hot. I began vomiting. Carolyn(my MIL) is knee high in laundry. She told them all three of us were sick and no they could not take out the washer and dryer and start upstairs. They worked downstairs all day. That night Carolyn starts vomiting. Elijah also decides to stuff the toilet with a roll of toilet paper for fun. The roll does not flush and in his attempt to cover the mess he kept flushing the toilet until the contractor runs upstairs screaming it is pouring water downstairs! Now a new problem to fix.

Fri: Make Doug stay home I am too sick to lift my head, Carolyn is still vomiting. Doug is playing with both children in Elijah's room when I hear, "OH NO!!! I need help NOW!" Sarah had begun vomiting again. Now Doug is great with the kids and is great cleaning up the beds and floors when they vomit, but he has never been christened in vomit. Well, he has now. He was covered. The bed was covered, the toys were covered. Not good. I pick up Sarah, she vomits again and again, She and I am both covered. I am waist high in laundry. The contractor walks upstairs, turns around and walks back downstairs without saying a word. He works downstairs all day.

Sat: My washer and dryer disappear fast this morning. Guess they came up and did not see any laundry and made quick work of removing it!! So work has started upstairs. I yet have a completed project. Guess we are into week three and counting.
Sun: I awake feeling sick again. By the afternoon, Sarah has started having diarrhea. For those of you who do not know, Sarah is allergic to disposable diapers, so we use cloth diapers. Cloth diapers with diarrhea need to be laundered. OH WHERE, OH WHERE, IS MY WASHING MACHINE!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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