Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Playing Outside

It was 70 outside today, so we enjoyed the backyard.  The kids had a blast.  Elijah had a friend over and they played hard.  Everyone should sleep good tonight!

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Working on Walking

Issac has crawling down, so time to work on walking.  He is pulling to stand and will stand holding on.  A few times he has let go and stood unassisted for a few seconds.  He will take a few steps holding your hands.  This weekend we got out the walking board Doug made for Sarah.  He loves it.  I hold the back of his clothing with one hand and move his feet one at a time for now. He is occasionally moving his feet on his own!  He will be walking in no time!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Reflo cup WINS

Tonight before supper we threw away all of Sarah's straw cups(we really put them up for Isaac).  Sarah was not impressed.   She started saying, "no, no, no, something in sarahnese. ..RENE, NO!!!!"  Mrs Irene I think she is mad at you.  Sarah drink from her cup without crying and screaming!  So we celebrated with an ice cream sandwich. She was a happy girl and I am one proud momma.  Love that girl so much.

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Snow fun!

We had a little snow yesterday.  It was a really wet snow and no fun to play in.  Elijah and Doug went out long enough to build a small snowman.

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The youth at church host a Valentine's meal and skit to raise money for m-fuge.  It was really fun.  Sarah had to wear her princess dress!  She was really cute.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Therapy Fun

Isaac playing in the ball pit at therapy.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

And he is off...

We have an official Crawler!!!!! He is doing great.  He is also pulling up on everything.  My baby is growing up fast!

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My Valentine's

Here are a few of the kids at Elijah's party.  Sarah did not have a party.  They just exchanged cards and had a special treat.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tactile Aversion......NOT

After we brought Isaac home he seemed to have a tactile aversion to certain clothing, bathing, and being touched bare skinned(our hands touching his body while dressing or changing diapers, etc.).  It was really hard at first.  Sarah did this too, but only to certain textures and not human touch.  It is heart breaking to try to change a diaper and not touch bare skin or your baby screams like you are hurting them.   Thankfully we have great therapist who walked us through.  With both kids we did brushing and worked with them to build their tolerance to textures that bothered them. I am happy that we have overcome our tactile aversions.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sarah (3) Reflo cup. (1)

Still working on using a cup.  Sarah is very stubborn and routine oriented. She will fight change with all her might.  This strong will has gotten her far.  She walked at 22 months because she was determined to do it.  She does so much because she is determined and yes stubborn that she will do something.  Unfortunately the strong will or stubbornness goes both ways.  She will fight me and her therapist to the extremes if she does not want to do something.  We have also learned that Sarah learns things in one setting and does not realize that she can do them in other settings.  There is a name for this, but I can not remember it right now.  She has drank from a cup with her OT and with the speech therapist at times.  Not consistently. A few times if I hold the cup she will drink for me.  She can not stand for the cup to leak on her.  Even a straw sippy cup will sometimes leak and it totally freaks her out.  We have tried an open cup at home and she spilled it, that was the end of her drinking from an open cup at home.  The reflo cup has a piece that goes on the top of the cup that only allows fluid to flow at a regulated rate, thus decreasing the dumping in the face issue.  Sarah does not understand this.  She just sees an open cup. The hated open cup.  *sigh*  Tonight I did get her to take drinks if I held the cup.  Then I made her hold the cup and I put my hands over hers to take a drink. Progress, I think.  One day she will drink from a cup. Yes, we will celebrate, because it will be a wonderful milestone.

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On sunny warmer days I am walking to the end of the drive to get Sarah off the bus.  Both kids love to go for a walk.  We are all doing well.  Sarah and Isaac seem to feel better from their ear infections.  They still have a few more days of antibiotics.  I finished my therapy today for my back.  My measurements are in the normal range, so much better than expected.  I no longer have pain and I am starting to feel so much better!

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