Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sick Princess

My little princess is sick. The doc said it was viral and her flu swab was negative. She is running a fever, sinus stuff, and upset tummy. The doc was cleaning out her ear wax to see and her tube in the right ear came out. Mommy was so not happy about this! We knew it was on the way out, but I was praying that it would last to spring!!! Praying that she does not keep an ear infection this winter. It will take months to get an appointment to get it replaced, once they decide we need it. She seems to feel better this afternoon. She is still not herself, but definately improved from Friday. Mom brought Sarah and I back from Chatt and we sent the boys on to IN. Elijah did not need to be explosed to her, I would like for him to not miss school if at all possible. The boys will be home tomorrow. I am really missing them. Mom is also sick, so praying she feels better soon. My ears are back to needing to explode. Guess going over the mountain was not a good thing. Hmmm, sounds like we are falling apart!! We really had a great Thanksgiving, hope all of you did too. Doug took the camera to IN so I will post pictures next week.
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