Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rough Day at School

Sarah had a really rough day at school.  I got 2 phone calls within an hour of each other.  You know those calls, " Hello this is ______(your heart drops at the name because you know it is the school), Sarah is okay, but________".  The first call Sarah and another child had bumped into each other and Sarah bit her lip.  Very small spot, but a little blood.  They have to call you if there is blood.  She was fine, did not even cry.  The second call was that Sarah had gotten scratched.  They did not know if she did it herself or another child did it, the teacher did not see it, but there was another child right beside her when she began crying.  Again there was blood.  Now to be honest, I thought one scratch that blood just came to the surface and no big deal.  I was really wondering why they called me the second time.  Now I see why.IM000169 IM000170

IM000171 The pictures really do not show it well.  She has multiple scratches around her eye, on her nose, and on her neck.  I was really upset when I saw her.  These are deep scratches.  I really doubt the other kid did it meanly, but I am still upset.  I had a hard time not saying something to the mother.  We had their pumpkin party today(I will share pictures tomorrow with Elijah's), so all of the parents were there.  The kid really needed their nails cut.  Guess we will be waiting on getting those 2 year old pictures for sure now! 

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Poor Sarah!!! When Kameron was in preschool he got bit by another child on his cheek. They told me right when I got there, but never called me, and he had a huge bruise and teeth marks drug down his face. It was AWFUL. I'll never forget that!

datri said...

Ohh, poor girl! I hate those phone calls. I have caller ID so I get nervous before I even pick up the phone! The worst for us was when Kayla got bit by a kid. Unfortunately, my husband answered the phone and was NOT happy (or calm!) about it.