Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sarah's 1st Chore

Tonight Sarah graduated into the big girl club at our house. We have babied her way too long. She is doing so much at school that I never dreamed to even let her try. They have different stations they can go to within various subject areas. One area that I am excited about is homeliving. In this area they have stations on pouring, using a spoon/scoop, dressing, opening/closing containers, etc. So useful for Sarah. On Thursday, Sarah carried her snack tray with a bowl of cereal, a pitcher of milk(they have the cutest tiny pitchers), spoon and napkin. Sarah poured the first container of milk on the table. Her teacher went over and without saying a word, wiped the spill up, gave her a new pitcher and used hand over hand to help Sarah pour a small amount of milk on the cereal. Sarah then poured the rest of the milk in the bowl by HERSELF!! The little stinker, she does not even attempt to do things at home. Tonight Elijah was unloading the dishwasher(under protest, although this is his chore) and she went over and tried to help. Elijah of course protested that Sarah was bothering him while he was working....just have to have an argument, it is his sister you know. I told him that she could help and he could teach her. I showed him how to hand her a plastic cup or bowl and then show her to put them on the counter for him to put up. They worked together until the dishwasher was empty. Sarah then began clapping and dancing. She was so proud of herself. Of course, her mommy was ecstatic with pride. She then went upstairs and really helped cleaning up the playroom. Time to make her chore chart like Elijah's. Such a big girl.
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