Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Flood Pictures

We have really fared well with all of the rain. With a pond and a creek on one side of our property, we are blessed to still be dry. As you can see from the pictures, our yard is a river, but it never came inside. The picture at the top is our front yard where the pond is. Hope we still have a few fish left! This is our front sidewalk. The water is up to the first step. Here is our back yard. The kids lost a few toys that were washed away yesterday. Yesterday all seemed fine and then suddenly it started to rain really hard and we looked out and water was coming from the road, down the field in front of the house. Water has never came in from this direction. The pond generally overflows. This time it came from the field into the pond and then overflowed. The creek also overflowed. We have not seen this happen either. When you stand in our creek most of the time the water is so low that the bank is 6 foot high. I can not see our house from the creek bed. You can not see the creek from our house usually. We grabbed the kids, pictures, clothes and our hard-drive(I am sooooo behind on backing up I catch up fast!) and fled to higher ground. Took a few tries, but we finally found a way out to the main road. Spent the night with friends. Today we came back and the water had receded, but soon the rain began and the water rose again. So far we are still dry. We will have to have the hvac checked since it is under the house. We may also need to have the crawl space checked after the water recedes for shifts and mold. Doug also checked our underground gas tank and smelled gas and heard a hissing sound. Gas company came. We do have a leak at the tank. No way to turn it off. In fact they said we would need to use the gas in the tank first so they can repair it. I think the gas company owns our tank and will be responsible for the repair, at least that is my prayer!! Kids are in bed now and the water is down, so praying for no more rain.Water is starting to go down!! Can you tell?
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