Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun Day

Here are pictures from Sarah's fun day for the last day of school a few weeks ago. I had more pictures, but they did not download for some reason and since I can not find the camera, I can not check to see if they are still on it or not. Before we went on vacation, I gave my notice at Sarah's school that I would not be working anymore and since I am not working for her tuition she is also no longer going to school. This is one of those times in life when you think something is a "God-thing" and you jump right in. It just seemed perfect and an answer to prayer that I truthfully just jumped right in and did not take the time to pray it through and wait on the Lord. Again, I was trying to help God do what I wanted done. I do think that God was able to use this experience to show me a great teaching method for Sarah, but He also used it to show me that He does not need my help(again, I don't seem to learn this!). His plan is perfect, but I need to trust Him. The school academics were good, it was my position and the interactions there that did not work. I would totally recommend the Montessori method for kids who excell as well as those that have non-traditional learning styles. We have prayed and decided that I will homeschool Sarah this fall using Montessori tools and really try to have her prepared for kindergarten. We have 2 years. Not sure she will go to public school for kindy, but this will give me the 2 years to see how it works for both of us, then I can make an educated decision about what to do for her continued education. Friends are really stuggling and fighting the school systems around here for quality education for their children with disabilities. It feels like education for special needs has really taken a big step backwards the last few years. We will see. I will do what is best for our family. I have always said my desire for her is to give her all of the opportunities I can so she can reach her full potential. I know that means I will have to try and sometimes fall flat, but I will not have regrets that I did not try all options.
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