Friday, September 17, 2010

Awesome Magic Maker

Today we received our Disney documents in the mail from our AWESOME MAGIC MAKER!!!! We went through Off to Neverland Travel. Our Magic Maker is Jennifer Lennox. Jennifer is wonderful to work with. She made all of our arrangements, reservations, gave us suggestions, outlined the best way to navigate through the park, and personalized our trip for us. Going above and beyond, she created these magical one of a kind autograph books for the kids, based on our conversations! They are the most wonderful gifts. Elijah was ecstatic over the pirate Mickey and Sarah was oooh and ahhhh-ing over her princess book. She cried when I put it up!!! If you are planning a vacation to Disney, give Jennifer a call, you will not be disappointed!
Jennifer Lennox
Off to Neverland Travel
Two more weeks!!!! I am sooooooooo excited! I think I am way more excited than the kids.
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Cindy said...

My 19 year old daughter and I went to Disneyland just a couple months ago. Can't wait to go back! Have fun!!