Monday, January 31, 2011

January in Review

Life has been busy here. We are adjusting and getting into a routine. The month started off with us finishing up Christmas with Doug's family. Elizabeth held Isaac for the first time. It snowed. We took Isaac to church for the first time and had our first homevisit. It snowed. It snowed again. Sarah has started becoming more independent and verbal. She told me one morning at breakfast "I did dit" (I do it) she then opened the cabinet got a nola bar (granola) and told me to turn on the "heve" (TV). We are going next week to have her allergy tested to find out what is upsetting her tummy. She is doing great! Elijah has not had a full week of school since before Christmas. He is doing great in school. He lost a top tooth and has a new haircut that makes him look so grown! Pictures of his new do are coming!!!! We also hosted our birthday party for Jesus in Jan due to traveling to pick up Isaac in Dec. We had a great time with some wonderful friends.
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