Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flu bug strikes!

The last week has been eventful as always at our house! Never a dull moment. Nana came for a fast trip on Wednesday and left on Friday. It was so fast I did not even find the camera while she was here. Will have to do better next time! On Friday, I took Sarah to the GI doctor to try to get her diarrhea under control. They said she was impacted and we had to start a colon clean out. Saturday morning we got up ready to start. Things seemed ok until Mommy hit the dust. I spiked a temp, got achy, then started a horrible cough. I was confined to the bedroom. Doug had to handle the colon clean out, kids, and mommy all by himself. He did a great job. On Sunday, Sarah got the flu bug. Not good with the colon clean out, but we continued. On Monday we were suppose to have a visit with Isaac's birthfamily. We had to cancel. I felt so horrible because I know they were so excited to visit. By Monday afternoon, Doug had the flu. Now who is going to care for us? I was some better, so I took over. Tuesday things seemed better on the flu front. I was better, just weak. Sarah still was not cleaned out, so we scheduled another x-ray for Wed and was told to be prepared to be admitted for a more agressive clean out. Wed morning we got up, Doug went to work for the 1st time this week, Elijah went to school and Sarah, Isaac and I headed to Vandy. Praise the Lord, Sarah was all clear!!!! We got Elijah from school and the flu bug struck again. Elijah has the flu now. I refumigated the house with lysol. Elijah and Sarah have been playing well today, and Isaac and I are staying downstairs away from the sickies!!!!!!
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