Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Months Old

Well, there was not 30 days in Feb, so how does it work when you have a baby that has a birthday on the 30th? Well, I took these pictures on the 28th so I have a picture in Feb for his 3rd month!

Isaac is now 3 months old. He is wearing size 0-3 months clothing and a 1 in diapers, but will go to a size 2 after this bag of diapers! He is over 10 lbs probably close to 11. He has found his hands and loves to suck his thumb/side of his hand. He is cooing and smiling all the time and has laughed a few times. He is trying to roll again and loves to be on his stomach. He has great head control and really holds it up high. He wants to sit up so bad. We are doing baby sit ups for strength of tummy muscles and he loves these. He will giggle when we do them and trys to sit up by himself, so cute! He will sit in an upright position with you holding him at the waist, so he has great control. Our PT evaluation showed he was on target, so no scheduled PT for now! We have our OT and ST evaluations on Friday. Positive we will have Feeding/ST. He just can not get the suck down right. Still struggles with a bottle and choking. We are not letting other people feed him right now because of this. He has a home educator coming once a week and really seems to like her. He really showed off for her yesterday. He is growing so fast.
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He is getting so big! What a cutie pie!