Friday, January 20, 2012

On the raod again...

We seem to stay on the go around here! Elijah has his first basketball game in the morning so I will post game pictures hopefully tomorrow. Sarah is going to a dance clinic in the afternoon and will get to perform with the dance team at an area high school. She is excited to dance with the big kids. I am sure she will have tons of fun and I will have tons of pictures to post! All 3 kids get to go to Buddy Break tonight while Doug and I have a date night! WooHoo!! Buddy Break is a respite program for families of children with special needs. Each child is assigned a "buddy" that watches and helps them for the night. They have a ton of activities for the kids to do and the kid gets to pick what they want to do. All of the buddies have been trained to work with special needs. Elijah loves to go and be the center of attention of his buddy. This is really good for him. Isaac is finally crawling! He crawled for the first time a few nights ago and as I was typing this has crawled several times!! SO excited to see him on the move.
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