Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Working on Walking

Issac has crawling down, so time to work on walking.  He is pulling to stand and will stand holding on.  A few times he has let go and stood unassisted for a few seconds.  He will take a few steps holding your hands.  This weekend we got out the walking board Doug made for Sarah.  He loves it.  I hold the back of his clothing with one hand and move his feet one at a time for now. He is occasionally moving his feet on his own!  He will be walking in no time!

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2 friends said:

Kathleen Basi said...

He's doing terrific! My daughter didn't walk till 2 1/2. We thought she was never going to get there. We thought that about talking, too,a ctually...but she's finally getting somewhere on that, too. (She's a stubborn one, my Julianna.)

Mommyto3 said...

He is doing really good. Sarah was 2 when she took steps, but it was 6-10 months later before she was a true walker. She is 5 and we still struggle with speech.