Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sarah (3) Reflo cup. (1)

Still working on using a cup.  Sarah is very stubborn and routine oriented. She will fight change with all her might.  This strong will has gotten her far.  She walked at 22 months because she was determined to do it.  She does so much because she is determined and yes stubborn that she will do something.  Unfortunately the strong will or stubbornness goes both ways.  She will fight me and her therapist to the extremes if she does not want to do something.  We have also learned that Sarah learns things in one setting and does not realize that she can do them in other settings.  There is a name for this, but I can not remember it right now.  She has drank from a cup with her OT and with the speech therapist at times.  Not consistently. A few times if I hold the cup she will drink for me.  She can not stand for the cup to leak on her.  Even a straw sippy cup will sometimes leak and it totally freaks her out.  We have tried an open cup at home and she spilled it, that was the end of her drinking from an open cup at home.  The reflo cup has a piece that goes on the top of the cup that only allows fluid to flow at a regulated rate, thus decreasing the dumping in the face issue.  Sarah does not understand this.  She just sees an open cup. The hated open cup.  *sigh*  Tonight I did get her to take drinks if I held the cup.  Then I made her hold the cup and I put my hands over hers to take a drink. Progress, I think.  One day she will drink from a cup. Yes, we will celebrate, because it will be a wonderful milestone.

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I really like the reflo cups- they are a great alternative to sippy cups, and they don't cause the same language delays that the sippy cups have been shown to cause. Cute kiddies!