Sunday, April 29, 2012

Attack of the tree

Friday night after finishing supper, my mother said Elijah had ran into a tree.  Now the only tree on the side of the yard she was looking at was my tulip tree.April 2012 094

So I imagined that he had just ran into the leaves or something.  Really did not take it seriously until I heard him scream and Doug and Mom jump up and run out the door.  Needless to say when I looked I saw something like this (this is a re-enactment.  I did not stop to grab the camera!).April 2012 095

He was actually in the tree further.  I could see head and arms on one side and feet on the other and he was not touching the ground at all.  He was screaming really loud and all I could imagine was him being impaled by a tree limb.  I nearly knocked my mom down trying to get to him.  He was fine.  A bruised toe, several scrapes and bruises.  The tree was fine too.  This mommy though aged a few years in those few minutes.

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