Monday, January 28, 2008

Hot Pink, Half Mermaid Pants

Sarah's therapist wanted us to get hip helpers for Sarah to wear to help her from over extending her hips. I ordered the pink ones. I did not realize that they were hot pink!!! With the legs sown together to prevent her legs from spreading apart she looks like a mermaid! Needless to say she is not happy about her new hot pink mermaid pants. She just screams when we put them on. She started physical therapy last week. We are hoping to get her crawling and up on those feet walking by summer.

Well we are off to a great start of the week. Elijah decided last night to start coughing. We are finally getting Sarah well and Elijah starts. He and I were up most of the night trying to get him to breathe better with less coughing. I then ended up in bed with him. Not good. I am not overly pleasant to be around today! I think I will nap with the kids today. How many more hours before I can convince them to sleep? Too many.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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