Thursday, September 3, 2009


Sarah turned 3 years old today! She had a great birthday today. I went on and sent her to her first day of preschool. She had a ball. I was going to wait until next week, but felt she was doing great and my surgery did not bother her so I let her go on. We have not done therapies this week, so it gave her something to do. Tonight we went out to eat and had ice cream. We are going to have a party next weekend. I wanted to make sure I was up to a party so I gave myself an extra week for the party. It is going to be all Dora so she will have a great time. Here are a few birthday pictures. I will do first day of preschool pictures another day.
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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!!!! You're going to love being THREE!!!!

Did you see the info about the show on my blog? It's all up there now! Be sure to watch for Sarah! :)