Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I survived...I think

Well, the surgery went better than expected. God took away all of the problems with laproscopic surgery and I was able to have a partial laproscopic hysterectomy. I went home the next day and have had very little pain. In fact, I have a hematoma(big buise) due in part to me being up too much too fast. I so am not into being a patient. That would so totally require patience, which I do not claim to have!!!! I stayed in the bed all day yesterday and I am hurting all over today and not in my stomach. My joints hurt from being lazy!!! Sarah was so mad at me when I came home on Saturday and would not have anything to do with me. The little stinker! Elijah was excited to see us, but I think more excited to see daddy. They played all day long! Maybe I should go away more often. My kids don't seem to mind!! They have been good and keep a check on mommy to make sure I stay around. My only problem so far is hot flashes. Man, I did not think about those!!! Hope these hormones kick in soon!! I am freezing the kiddos. Elijah thinks it is winter.
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