Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Break Happenings

The kids have been on Fall break for the last 2 weeks. We stayed here and tried to keep them entertained. Two weeks is a long time to be out of school. We had just gotten into a good routine and then have 2 weeks off. I am not looking forward to next week!!! Here are a few pictures of the creative things we did!! We also painted pumpkins. Elijah had soccer, his birthday party and a few friends parties. Sarah had therapy and was sick the first week. We had friends over. Had the kindergarten bonfire for church. Nana, Angie and Roger were here for a few days. We went to the playarea at McDonald's with friends. Went to story time at the library and made several trips to the doctor(one was scheduled!!). All in all, guess we stayed busy after all.
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