Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Still Here!!!

Well, it has been a wild week, as usual for us these days!!! Praise the Lord it has been great. We are going today to talk to the social worker about international adoption. The cost is a bit more, but after waiting a year with no end in sight, I think we are ready. Once we make a decision, I will let you know. We may also have some fundraising events that I will post. Sarah went on Tuesday to have her eyes checked. She did not pass her vision test at her well visit. The eye doctor said she is slightly far sighted, but in the normal range for this age!! Yippee no glasses...not sure how I would convince the princess to keep them on!! Elijah had his soccer awards on Tuesday. I can not seem to find my camera. There are tons of pictures to share. I need to go find it. I will try to blog more as soon as I find the camera.
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