Sunday, December 27, 2009

HO, HO, H1N1

Yep, it got us. It all started Tuesday before Christmas when Elijah spiked a 104.2 temp. He slept most of the day and was pretty lifeless. Wednesday his temp was down to 102 and he was back to normal. By Friday he was better. Glad for the H1N1 shot. Sarah decided to wait until everything was closed on Thursday to have green drainage with red eyes. Yep, pinkeye. Oh the fun. But the fun was just beginning. By the time Santa had made his stop and had the toys set up, Mommy had a 103 temp. It is NEVER good for mommy to be sick. I kept my head up long enough on Christmas morning to see the gift opening, then I slept the day away. We were to return home on Sat, but with a 102 temp, I just was not able. We came home today and lets just say it was a long trip home. I hurt all over and now I have enough mucus to drown in. My Mom also got the flu, so Doug had it all by himself on Christmas! I really wished I had made the time to get the H1N1 vaccine. I got the flu, but I have been sick and could not get the vaccine until last week and I was just too busy. If you have not gotten the vaccine, GET IT ASAP!!!!! I will update on our Christmas fun later. We still have Christmas with Doug's family this weekend, so the fun is not over yet.
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