Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My to-do list

This week is busy. Tons to do and then we start our traveling this weekend, so I have lots I really must get done. No time to waste.....well, you know how it goes. Here is a recap of my day yesterday:

To-do list:
1. Finish my last 2 embroidery projects for Christmas. This is where the hang up began. Not a good start. My thread kept breaking. So I changed my needle. I have been embroidering tons so I have gone through the needles. Nope not it. Then I cleaned the bobbin area, changed the bobbin, recleaned the bobbin area, tried a new needle, get the picture. I spent all morning on #1. and it is still not done.
2. Clean kitchen because I did not last night because I was downloading the patterns I needed for my embroidery. Not done, see number 1.
3. Laundry. Not done, see #1.
4. Take Sarah to school. Late, see #1.
5. Help at Elijah's school. Late, see #1--forgot to eat so had to stop and get a snack.
6. Pick up kids. Done-ontime, well I was already at the school!!
This was just my list until 3pm, then I just threw out the list and started over!!
Things not on my list:
1. Clean up all of my scrapbook stuff because while I was working on #1, Sarah got the baby gate down and took all of my stuff out and spread them all over the playroom. So not good.
2. Find Sarah's shoes. Boy can those shoes hide!
3. Clean up the trash that Sarah has spread over the kitchen while I was looking for shoes. Now I need to add mopping to my to do list.
4. Count to 10, no make that 100. I was pretty upset by this point and it was only 10:30am.

Praying today goes better, and no #1 is still not complete.
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