Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Day Educationally Speaking

I am trying to incorporate more educational themes to our day at home, now that Elijah is at school. Sarah will start mother's day out in Sept, but that is more for social aspects, although I expect she will grow academically also. Today we have practiced stringing our animals (like lacing beads-fine motor skill) while saying the name and sound of the animal. She did wonderful!!! The rooster is her favorite right now. Then we got out the operation game and named body parts and used the tweezers to put the objects out of the spaces(very hard fine motor skill for Sarah!). Next she undressed the baby and put her on the potty and then she practiced her toileting skills. Then centers. She played in homeliving area and cared for the baby. After centers we learned about people at work. Today was the doctor. Sarah is going to be a great doctor. She loves to listen to your heart. She even makes the sound for the heart beat. She is a little rough with the shots, lol. Then we had recess. Jumping, running and climbing were all incorporated. Music with all of the instruments was lots of fun, followed by quiet time reading in the library nook. We also practiced the ABC's and the sounds--this just was not fun today, so did not go to well. Now we are back in centers and Sarah is pushing the baby and the sword(don't ask) in the baby stroller! For lunch she is going to get to help make her sandwich and pour her juice. Then rest time!!!!! This is the time I am most excited about. She is doing so good. We are very proud of her progress.
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