Sunday, November 21, 2010

Last Week

Sorry I have been missing in action again. Last week was a long week. My Grandmother passed on Saturday night. Mom and Angie came from GA for mom to stay with the kids and Angie to go with Doug and I to MS. We were in MS until Wednesday. Thursday a prospective Children's Minister came in for the church to meet and I was busy with that the rest of the week. In the mist of that I have been dealing with allergies/sinus infection. I attempted to go to a walk in clinic on Saturday an was not able to find one that was not so full they were no longer taking anymore patients for the day. Think everyone is sick. I feel much better today. Know I have a sinus infection so guess I will call my doc in the morning and get an Rx. The kids are doing great. They are both well and only terribly spoiled from Nana being here. lol. I would not want it any other way!!!
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