Monday, November 8, 2010

Still Here!!!!

Yep, we are still here. Life has been...well, life! Our life as usual is wild and full of adventure. I have tons in my brain to share, just need to take time to type it out. Currently life is challenging. Doug and the kids were in a car wreck on Saturday. The van is totalled--in part due to damage, but also due to age and mileage. Everyone is ok. Doug has a scraped head. Elijah is complaining of neck and head pain. The head pain was also occuring prior to the wreck. He is cutting his molars and having headaches. Sarah, who giggled through the ride, is now having walking issues. The doctor checked her out and thinks it is just soreness. We are watching closely. She is not complaining, but does not want to walk and when she does she is favoring one side and is wobbly. She is happy and playing well. Praying for healing for all of them. I was not with them, I had gone to the grocery store, so I was close and able to get to them fast. Sarah was giggling and talking to everyone and Elijah was crying. Holding my 3 babies closer the last few days! Here are a few current pictures. I will try to be better with the updates. Please remember my family in your prayers, my grandmother had a heart attack a few days ago and after improving and holding her own, she is now no longer responsive and declining. Doug and I will be going to Miss soon. Mother will come and stay with the kids.
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