Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Holiday World

On Wednesday of last week we went to Holiday World. We went up to Doug's mom's on Tuesday and did some of the sites close by. Holiday was our first visit. We took Elijah when he was 2 and never made it out of the toddler area!!! This year we did all of the park, except the water park area since Doug can not get his cast wet. We will eventually get to all of the park!!!! Both kids really had a great day. Sarah cried when she had to get off the rides and then started crying if the rides did not start as soon as she got on!!! Such a 2 yr old! Elijah was all into playing the games. See what he won!! Such fun toting this through the park!! I will post more of our fun through out the week (if the computer will let me, I tried several times yesterday and was never able to connect to AT&T. I hope it is their problem, not my computer!!!).
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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh we LOVE Holiday World!!!! Keeghan would die for one of those big bananas! We saw those at Dutch Wonderland and he went nuts! LOL We're not good enough at those games to win one though, we'll have to take Elijah with us next time! Cute pics!! :)