Thursday, July 9, 2009

Swimming Graduation

The kids really loved their swimming lessons. Elijah is starting to swim on his own. He has really improved this year. Sarah is so unafraid of the water. She now knows how to hold her breath and kick to get back to the surface if she does fall in. She is also beginning to use her hands and legs to propel herself. I still do not think she has the strength to get back to the surface and get her head up. We have tried numerous life vest/suits, etc to find one that helps keep her head up if she goes under. The infant ones bring her up, but does not get her over on her back, so her face stays under. If you know of a good one that we can try let me know. Our swimming instructor tried all of the vest she has and still did not find one. I am going to ask the Down syndrome association to see if they have suggestions.

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Meredith said...

I have one that works for Emma but not Brianna- We haven't tried it on Micah yet because he aspirates and has ear tubes... so we just hold him tight in the water!!

It was cheap ($20?) at Sports Authority and is for kids up to 50 lbs. It keeps Brianna up, but doesn't flip her over. At least she can't go UNDER to where we can't grab her, but it will still leave her face in the water!

The Head Float we borrowed for Emma (pics on my blog and a short video) worked great, but I don't think your little miss would need that much! :)