Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Notes to self....

1. Never-ever say that I do not think that Sarah will do a skill that is not an everyday important skill. Tracy and Lorie remember I said that I did not think Sarah would ever climb the ladder to Elijah's top bunk, so I felt safe with the bunk beds in his room? Hmm, guess where I found little Miss Prissy yesterday? Yep, on the top bunk. Elijah climbed up to keep her safe while I grabbed the camera for proof. She climbed herself, no help. Later she climbed up and was playing by herself and I did not know she had gotten up there and I did not even know the door was opened. Elijah says it was shut, she may have opened the door too, great, another problem to deal with. How do I keep a kid out of a room? Is there anything to put at the bottom of the bunk bed that Elijah can remove, but Sarah can not?

2. Follow Sarah EVERYWHERE!!! Guess who taught Sarah to climb the ladder? Her PT, Karen. Go figure. I did not know she was this proficient in climbing. I do not go into therapies anymore because she does better on her own, guess I need to peek in and watch!! She also climbed into a kitchen table chair and sat properly by herself yesterday for the first time. WOW, some great new climbing skills, just what I need. Do they make cushioned houses so we could move AGAIN? This girl is giving her mom grey hairs for sure.
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3 friends said:

My name is Sarah said...

Look how adorable she is up there!!! You go Sarah:)

Unknown said...

Woohoo Miss Prissy! Keep it up:-)
Mom you'd better get the hair dye - Sarah's on the move!

Anonymous said...

You have to, have to, have to come to graduation so I can see you all!!!