Saturday, August 29, 2009

IEP-Friend or Foe

Wednesday was Sarah's IEP(individualized education plan) meeting. They asked that I bring Sarah with me so everyone could meet her and see her in action. As soon as we drove up she was so excited and started saying "go school"--in her language. Then as we got closer she started saying the name of one of the kids she saw last week. She played so good and was a princess until we went to leave then the other personally came out. She cried all the way home, poor baby.

The IEP was not really that bad, but just having to go is bad enough. Sarah is only "developmentally delayed". Only being the operative word?!?! What, did they want her to be worse? Then she is going to be counted absent because I am having surgery and want to wait 1 week to start her so we both can recover from the ordeal. Not that the counting absent means anything, so why bring it up? I think I was just not in the mood today and if I was not having surgery on Friday this would not seem as bad. I guess overall it was good. She will go 4 days/3 hrs a day and will get 30 min of ST, OT, PT 2 times a week.
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