Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Doing Better

Sarah is doing so much better. Her rash looks much, much better today. She still tires easily, but that is improving. She is eating again. I was going to let her go back to school today, but school got cancelled again. It snowed about 1 inch last night and then began to sleet and rain. When we got up there was no snow anywhere and no rain, no sleet, nothing! We have had some burst of snow today on and off, but no accumulation. The kids have been....well kids. They have played good and not so good together! We made valentines for the grandparents and now I am trying to get Sarah to nap while Elijah finishes his valentines.

Sarah has this music player that came with an Elmo book that she loves to carry around and play. Mommy likes that she has the independence and can operate it without help(has 3 buttons), but Elmo singing is grating on my nerves! This reminds me of a MP3 player or an iPod. Do they make anything like this for kids that I can download/record music on it for her? She has a portable CD player, but she keeps taking the CD out and pushing all the buttons. She needs something with just a few buttons, she really likes to push buttons. Don't want to put too much money into it, she is rough with toys.
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So happy to see she is feeling better!