Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sarah takes her annual trip...

to the hospital that is. She seems to like to visit the hospital during the busy season, Dec-Feb. This was her first visit in 13 months. Took her to the doctor on Mon for a rash that she developed Sunday night. She was a bright red cherry. They decided it was an allergic reaction to her antibiotic. Now everyone in the family is allergic to penicillin, that makes it easy to remember! They ran more test since she was still running a 104 temp. Her white blood count was elevated, so she got a shot of antibiotic and blood cultures were taken. She slept the rest of the day. Late afternoon her temp finally broke!! Back to the doc on Tues. Really no change and WBC was still elevated, so another shot of antibiotic and every doc came in to see the rash and give their opinion. They thought maybe mono or kowaski, or still possibly a strep rash and an allergic reaction rash together. Tues night Sarah decided to do a weird breathing sound, so we loaded her up and headed to the ER. Of course on arrival, they freaked out at the rash! She never went back to sleep, so she never made the sound again. They ran tons of tests and came back with strep rash with an allergic reaction rash on top--they really never addressed the breathing, just the rash. All her bloodwork came back normal, praise the Lord! She slept most of yesterday. Today she has been up just a bit more, still not eating, but drinking well. She has more swelling and rash today. This is the first day without the steroids, so you can get what is called a rebound reaction from coming off steroids. She is a sick little girl. Keep her in your prayers. I am ready to have my dancing princess back!
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Feel better soon!!


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I will say a prayer for Sarah tonight. Thank you for your prayers today.