Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week in Review

Last week was busy as usual!!! I don't think I would know what to do if I was not running all over the place and being way too busy. The week began great. Sunday we went to church and then out to eat for Valentine's (wow, was that just a week ago? It seems like forever.). Mon and Tues the kids were out of school for President's day and a workday. Which worked out great since it snowed AGAIN! I must say that being from GA I have always thought it would be great to get snow occasionally. Well, let's just say I don't like snow as much as I thought I would. Part of the problem is that we do not get enough snow often enough for them to know how to clear the roads and the people around here seem to think you should still drive 90mph. Which means I tend to stay in when it snows. Of course, Sarah has been so sick this year that I really don't take her out in it and the walls in the house start closing in FAST!

Monday night(or maybe it was Sunday night-I really can not remember now) Sarah vomited all night and about 5am Elijah came in our room with a croupy cough. It was a really long day. Wednesday Elijah went back to school after a 2 hour delay. He was ready to go back. On Tues after nap I picked up Sarah and she grabbed her ear and said owie. So after dropping off Elijah, we headed to the pediatrician. You know you go to the pediatrician to often when you call and say "Hi, this is Robyn" and before you can say your last name the receptionist says "Oh no, is Sarah sick". Yes, Sarah has yet another ear infection. We are on another antibiotic. This did get our rescheduled tube replacement moved from 6/22 to 4/9. Although, on Friday I had a message on the machine from the ENT to call them about the surgery. They were closed by the time I called. They better not be changing it unless they are going to do it sooner!

Let's see, I think we made it to Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon, Sarah went to dance and then we went to church. The kids have music and missions on Wednesday. All the way home, Sarah sang as loud as she could "Jesus lubs me, Sawah bible so me, Sawah. Yes, Jesus lubs me, Sawah". On and on for 40 minutes! It was cute the first 5 minutes!!! She was singing Jesus loves me and adding her name to it(We take off the me and say her name!).

On Thursday, both kids went to school and I meet with a friend to discuss the goals (IEP) they have written for Sarah to achieve this year in preschool. Well, when I got her mid-year progress report I really started looking at the goals and realized that they were vague and unmeasurable. Several of them are so vague I do not really know what they are talking about! So, I took an IEP class and then took an online class on writing IEP goals. I have rewritten Sarah's goal and I wanted someone else to look at them for me. After we discussed them, I asked for another IEP meeting. We are going to meet with the school system on Wednesday to discuss the IEP goals, so I have been working on rewritting these as well as developing a way for them to document how she is doing so I get more information on how she is doing at school. I did not realize, but she is still not talking at school. She is saying 2-4 word sentences at home. I am also working on visual and verbal aids for school and at home so we are all on the same page.

Friday, I did the grocery shopping. After school, Elijah had soccer practice after school, then supper. So a quiet day for us.
Saturday it was beautiful out and we enjoyed the sunshine. I went to supper with some of the mom's from the Down syndrome association. It was good to see that others are having the same issues I am with the IEP and how they are handling it.
Now on to this week! I am sure it will be busy too.
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