Friday, April 30, 2010

Week in Review

We have had a great week at school. Sarah is doing wonderful. She is starting to learn the routine. She loves the playground and riding toys they play on at recess. I really like her teacher. She is so good with all of the kids, but especially Sarah(she has worked with kids with Down syndrome in the past!). I asked her on Wed how Sarah was doing and she just went on and on about how good Sarah is doing and how good her motor skills are(thanks Karen and Holly!!!). She also commented on her talking more each day and how she could understand most of what she was saying(thanks Irene!!!!). All she gave me was positive info. I did not realize until later how big this really was for me. I am so use to being told what she can't do and it was refreshing to hear what she can do. Sarah is also using the potty and is staying dry all day on a timed schedule. She may have 1 accident a day, if any!!!!!! Sarah is sharing a little too well, or her friends are sharing well. We are home today with a fever and strep throat. I took her to the doctor yesterday for a rash that we have decided is allergic and when they took her temp it was 102. The rash is unrelated, it is just on her face. Praying we caught the strep early and we will not have a repeat of our last strep fun!!! Well, got to go cuddle with my angel!!
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