Thursday, October 14, 2010


Sarah's new phrase. This one totally stumped me. Took me several days to figure it out. Can you figure it out? Come on give it a try!!! I will give you a clue. If I ask Sarah to repeat something, she will say "ga-fidid-id"(all together as one word). She will also say this if I want her to name something or use her words to get something. Got it? Welcome to my world of translation!!! Sometimes we are all frustrated by the time we get it! I have the habit of saying "just forget it" and going on. Sarah has picked up on my habit apparently!!! *sigh* now to break her of this habit and get her to repeat things and use her words! Speech is probably our most frustrating area right now. We hear her using words on and off, just not regular or on command. She refused to talk to Irene the last time she tested her and tested out worse than the time before. I know she understands, just can't get her to tell us. Then out of the blue she will name something for someone that I do not know she knows. Last time we were at the pediatrician she picked up a book and started naming things to Dr. Keown. I was amazed. Of course when asked what something was, she refused. I know this is part of the apraxia, but it is just frustrating. I just wonder how much she really knows and just can not communicate to us.
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Cindy said...

I know exactly what you're going through. I am sorry to say, for us at least, it has not improved as Beth has gotten older. She still doesn't talk very often and when she does, she speaks so fast, we can't understand her! We usually ask her to repeat it and after two or three times we hear, "Nefer mine" and she walks away! :(
Then we pull her back...

Don't give up! It will come! Don't speak for her; at school, at restaurants. Allow her to speak for herself. It's okay if people have to wait. That's something we didn't do and we really regret it.