Friday, September 2, 2011

9 month old

Sorry I am just now getting back to my 9 month post on Isaac. I hurt my back and the last few months have been rough. I have good and bad days and the last 2 days have been bad days. I will do a post later on all the details, but now back to my cutie pie!!! Don't you just love this picture!!! He is such a cutie and a joy. He is Mr. Personality. Isaac now weighs 17lbs and 4 oz. I really thought he was closer to 20lbs, but he has decided that he loves table food now and is giving me a fit about taking a bottle. He needs the formula, so we are in a battle of wills right now! He is 26.5 inches. We have really noticed a big length growth in the last few weeks. Isaac is now on all fours and rocking. He lunges forward and really tries to crawl. He did crawl a little on Wednesday, but has not repeated it yet. He is now feeding himself table food at meals and Mrs. Irene(speech) has him drinking from a straw cup!!!! He says mama, dada, baba, and makes tons of sounds. He has learn to squeal and uses it to get our attention. He loves his big brother and loves to pull sister's hair(just like a boy!). Elijah and Sarah love him. Sarah has been very helpful with him, so helpful that we caught her carrying him the other day! He was giggling and I was panicing. He is a true blessing from God!!

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