Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Sarah!!!!!

Today you turn 5 years old. I was not there for your birth, but I already loved you in my heart. I was praying for you already and words can not express how heavy my heart was for you and how much I wanted to hold you in my arms. My heart was filled to overflowing when I learned of my beautiful princess. You have blessed me and taught me so much in your 5 years. You are a princess in every way. You have grown so much in the last year. You have jumped 2 clothing sizes. You are very independent and tell me all the time "I do it". Your speech has really taken off this year and I love having conversations with you. You can count to 15, know your colors, most shapes, most of your ABC's, and so much more. You are now potty trained. You have learned to use sissors and joined all the other preschoolers and have cut your hair. Thank goodness it was a very small spot! You no longer want to take a nap, but will still stay in your room for a rest time. You started out in Kindergarten this year at school, but your teacher did not give you a chance and school became a struggle. For the first time, you did not want to go to school and became hesitant to leave me. We then moved you to preschool and you are back to loving school. Now you get to ride the bus home from school(this was really hard for mommy, but you are the first one off and there are only 3 kids on the bus and we are only 4 miles from school!). Thursday was your first day to do this and you were very excited!!! I am looking forward to seeing how much you grown in the next year. You are my pretty, pretty princess!!!!! I love you very, very, very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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