Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Birthday Pictures

Sarah loves to have Happy Birthday sang to her. She gets so excited.

She loves to get gifts but just a few at a time and she does not like all the package stuff, just the toy.

But sometimes, even when she picked the toy out at the store and she loved it there.......she DOES NOT love the toy out of the package. This is what happened this year. I was really bummed because I thought she would love it. She started screaming when she took it out of the bag. We put it back in the bag and she finally calmed down. We tried again at home, but she still did not like it. Tried a few nights later, still HATES the doll.

I think it is the hair. I normally try to make sure that dolls do not have real feeling hair, but this one does and I thought since she loved it in the store maybe she was over that sensory issue.....But NO she still does not like hair on dolls. Oh well, such is life with my beautiful princess and I would not trade it for anything. Love my baby girl!!!!!

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