Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Favorite Things

Sarah is really growing up fast.  She is walking, climbing, jumping and being a princess.  She still loves music and any toy that plays music when you push a button.  She has learned that she can pull out the leg rest on the recliner and use it to climb into the recliner, her favorite place to sit. Feb 2009 007 Feb 2009 003 Feb 2009 004 She loves cheese puffs and doritos and make a big mess with them.  She is so cute with cheese all over her face.Feb 2009 014 Feb 2009 015 Feb 2009 016 Want a kiss??????

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Holly said...

How adorable! Haha pulling out the leg rest of the chair and then using that to climb up is pretty clever! I wouldn't have thought to do that when I was that little! :P