Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Playroom Help Needed

Here is my current arrangement for the playroom. This is the 3rd attempt at an arrangement. I think this may work, but who knows what I will think up tomorrow!!! This is the wall as you go up the stairs. This is the only wall that is a full height wall that the toy shelves will fit on. The middle one is angled to keep the return air vent open for the heat/air system. This is the half wall where the steps are. We can not put anything here that Sarah can climb on, don't want her to climb over the wall. The red mat is over the "stage" as my kids call it, that is a permanent fixture that I think is covering part of the heating/air unit. This is the wall with the sloped ceiling that we have to be careful what we put on this wall, since we tend to knock ourselves out when we hit the ceiling unexpectedly!! Here is my beutiful princess, who with her brother, makes this move so worth while for their future experiences!!!
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