Thursday, March 26, 2009

Notes to self.....

1. Do not cut child's hair when the child has hiccups. They will jerk when they hiccup and the bangs will not be straight.

2. Make haircut appointment for Sarah to correct the hiccup noted above.

Needless to say today has not been the best of days. Nana and Angie left this morning and Elijah cried on the way to school. It was a really long trip. Then Sarah seems to think that since she has been held all week that this practice should be continue. She was also major drama queen. She would be doing something and would just drop to the ground and just start crying. Not sure what the issue was. They are both sleeping well now, so things are looking up!!!! Well, got to go get a bath I painted the foyer this afternoon and have some in my hair where I bumped the wall.
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