Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quick Update

The move is going great!!! Elijah's room is painted, his beds were delivered, and we have completed about 98% of the decorating. It is really a great space room. I love the glow in the dark stars. They are great fun. After 3 coats of paint, Sarah's room is finally painted. I am starting the decorating tomorrow. The kitchen is set-up and ready to go. I am having the hardest time with touching up the paint in the foyer and kitchen. When I paint the spot it is a different color. I even took a piece of the drywall and had it colored match to see if I had the wrong color, but it did the same thing. Guess after I paint the hall bath I will paint the foyer and kitchen, oh the fun. We have about 95% of our stuff that is boxed moved. We plan to get the other 5% tomorrow and Friday. Saturday we are moving the furniture and will spend out first night in our new home!!!! I am ready to live out of one home!!!

We are doing a lease to purchase on our current home. The couple know our realtor. They are really nice and are expecting a baby this summer. They hope to close on the house by Nov, but we are writing a year lease just to prevent more paperwork if they can not. Praying that it goes well. We really do not want to be in the rental business!!!

I am going to do a few scheduled post tonight for your weekend. We are unable to get the highspeed DSL in our new location, so we are waiting on a wireless router. I don't know when I will be able to do a live post!!!! I will update as soon as I can!!!
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