Sunday, March 1, 2009

House Closing

We did close on our house on Friday.  It was a long dramatic process.  Leave it to us to do it up right!!!!  Since we were buying from an out of state bank things were a bit odd.  There was a couple of errors on the paperwork and they had to go through the banks title company via phone and wait for them to correct it and email it to us, oh the fun.  We did not know until Friday morning that we were positively closing.  In fact we found out at 10:30 that we would close at the 11:00 time we were given on Thursday.  How is that for preparing ahead?  It was the bank's title company's fault as well as our mortgage company for not getting our paperwork in until Thursday night(even though we were told last we everything was ready.  Just imagine how the phone conversation went on Thursday at 5:30 pm when they called me for something.  Let's just say I was not very nice.).  In the end, we did close and we are now the proud owners of 2 houses.  Know anyone that needs a house?  Praying God sells this one FAST!!!!  Since we did not know until last minute, I was not able to find a sitter for the kids for closing.  The kids did okay.  During one of the wait times they got a bit restless.  Elijah was under the table God's Handiwork and Sarah was trying to escape.God's Handiwork   Most of the time they played well together.  God's Handiwork We took a couple of loads out to the house and started the clean-up.  I plan on having everything but the furniture out there by the time we move on the 14th of March.  I am going to start painting next week.  I will keep you posted on our progress.

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