Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sorry over the next several weeks we may be MIA for several days at a time.  We hope to close on our new house on 2/27 and then will begin the moving process.  We have not sold our current house, so we are going to take the move in stages.  We are going to take a load every time we go over.  I plan to clean first and then paint Sarah's, Elijah's and the hall bathroom and touch up the paint in the rest of the house.  I want to have all of the boxes and small stuff at the house and then when we "move" it will just be the big stuff.  We will see how that plan plays out!!  We learned yesterday that when they de-winterized for the home inspection there was a pipe that had burst, so now we have to see how big that is and negotiate with the bank for repairs.  They also have had issues with getting the propane turned on for the inspection due to a previous large outstanding bill, but that has been paid by the bank.  We are doing the home inspection on Thursday, so pray for no surprises.  Our current house is on the market, we have lowered the price and had a couple of showings.  It is slow, but we know God has a plan.  There is a possible situation that we are praying about and just waiting to see how God unfolds His great plan.  I am getting anxious about it, but God keeps putting people in my path to ease my worries and just to wait on God.  I know God has it all worked out and I will look back on this and see His working and be glad that we waited on Him.  I will try to get a few snap shots of the kids this week and post as I can.  I am trying to pack up as much as I can and this as well as keeping the house spotless with 2 kids, a husband, and a dog that has to come in at night due to the cold temps is keeping me very busy!!!!!!!!!!  Well, Sarah just spit up soured milk on my feet so I need to go be grossed out and then clean the carpet.  YUCK!!!

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