Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our New House

Every time we have gone to look at a house this time it has gotten colder.  So, of course, we picked yesterday to go and show the kids the new house.  The temps had dropped to 18 degrees by the time we got there.  Brrrrrrrrr.  Glad the electricity was on, we cranked up the heat until we left.  I took a few pictures of the outside, but was too busy keeping up with Sarah to get any of the inside.  Elijah just kept saying cool.  Sarah found the steps to the bonus room right away and up she went!  That's my climber!!!  Today it is even colder out, so we are staying in.  I did not take Sarah to school since it was 14 this morning, and just too cold to get out.  I finished the hall bathroom and now I am doing Elijah's room.  We have the wallpaper down and sanded, just need to prime and paint.  Hope to finish his room this week.  I am going to paint it beige and he is sad about that, but understands his new room will be painted blue and have a space theme, so he is excited.  Here are the pictures:

Front P1040340

Back   P1040341

land (the creek is behind the tree line)P1040342

Kids being silly this morningGod's HAndiwork

Here is one problem area with the new house that I need help on: P1040343 This is the entrance from the master bedroom into the bath, notice the problem?  No door.  I really like a door on my bathroom, even if it is in the master suite.  This is an arched entry and the walls are thick.  I don't think you can hang a regular door here, don't know for sure.  Anyway looking for a solution to this.  I was thinking about swinging doors, but would want them to cover the entire door and have privacy.  I guess at the top we could do an arch stained glass piece and then have a door, if you know of a solution, let me know!!!!!!!!!!!

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