Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad Blogger

Sorry I have not posted since Monday, I have just been bad.  No other excuse for it.  I just did not do it.  I am in a mood right now.  I think it is winter blues.  I am ready for spring.  Everyone is doing good.  We have all shared this cold and I am tired of snot, but this is my life!!!  We are closing on our house tomorrow at 11:00!!!!!  We are very excited about this.  We have not sold our current home and the family we thought were going to buy it can not get a mortgage, so we are still waiting.  We have a showing tomorrow during our closing!!!!  I finally went ahead and packed up my accessories, so the house looks bare to me.  I think that is adding to my blah mood.  I enjoy having the house look nice and it makes me happy to see all of my stuff and the memories behind them.  I am excited about setting up the new house, but I am dreading painting.  Since my carpal tunnel surgery painting bothers my hand.  I have always enjoyed painting and love the freshness of a new coat of paint.  Such a cheap way to change a room and make it new again.  I am going to paint Sarah's room yellow like we have here and basically make it look like her current room.  She does not like change, so I am hoping this minimizes her trauma.  She has been over to the new house several times, so she is use to seeing it.  Elijah has decided he likes the red and just wants his ceiling painted and to add the stars and planets.  I need to look at the white on the top half of his room.  I hope I can just wash it down and not repaint, but I may have to repaint it too.   Their bathroom will be painted the pale blue like I did here.  It currently is neon yellow.  Way too loud for me!!!  The rest of the house just needs touch up for now.  I don't always like to touch up paint.  I can always tell where I touched it up.  Even if the paint is out of the same can I used originally, there is just a difference to me.  Doug thinks I am seeing things, he can not see a difference so it may just be me!!!!!!  I will probably repaint this fall after the kids start school.  I will just wait and see how it looks.  I like the current colors really a lot.  Well, the kids are fussing so I better go.  Elijah has a birthday party tonight so I need to get him ready too. 

God's Handiwork God's Handiwork God's Handiwork

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