Monday, August 10, 2009

Off to a great start

Well, this morning could not have gone better. After my revelation on Sat and the sermon on Sunday(I think the preacher has a spy camera at our house and is using our family to pick his sermon topics!!!!), I was prepared for a peaceful drop off. I was not prepared for Elijah's teacher to far exceed my expectations in a teacher. I was totally off base with my thought of her. Man, first impressions can be sooooooooooo way off and if you base things on that you make life so much harder than it needs to be!!! Believe me I know! His teacher is working on her PhD in education, has her principal certification, has been teaching over 20 years, uses new and old methods, and is very loving and caring. All I saw before was an older teacher who seemed to baby the kids and I figured she did not use the newest methods. WRONG. Totally wrong. This teacher expects the kids to have fun, but obeying and following guidelines are a top priority. I have no doubts that the kids will not run over her. She set the tone today with the parents in the room that she was in charge and expected them to obey. She is structured, but just in watching her this morning I can see that she tailors her teaching to each child individually. Man we got a GREAT teacher. I am so glad that God does not always give me what I want. I can't wait to pick up Elijah and hear about his day! My day has been great. I am having some mommy time while Sarah sleeps. I really like mommy time!!!
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