Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sarah's Day without Elijah

Sarah is missing her brother while he is at school, but she is adapting. Finally she will entertain herself upstairs playing while I do a little housework! Here is a run down of her morning:

Dancing to start off the morning.

Then Dora is on for her viewing pleasure.

Some therapy thrown in for good measure!

Mommy has been just keeping up with the housework and laundry. I have to get in some deeper cleaning this week since Nana is coming for 3 weeks to help after my surgery. I have also been putting up some meals so the Nana can just take them out and heat and supper is ready. It is hard to watch after 2 little ones and get meals when you are not use to it--even if you are use to it!!! Doug also got me a sewing and embroidering machine for my upcoming birthday. I have repaired a dress of Sarah's and practice some embroidery. It has really been fun. I am also separating out workbooks for Elijah's teacher. I have one more to do, of course I am going back in on Friday to help, I will probably bring more home.
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I miss her!! She is just so stinking cute! I can not believe how much she has grown!!!!