Friday, January 15, 2010

Dancing Princess

Sarah is going to start a dance and tumbling class next week. I got her outfit today. She saw it and immediately wanted it on. It fit perfectly!! Even the shoes. I was so sure I would have to adapt them to fit and I did not figure she would be able to walk in them, but she can wear them and walks just fine in them!! I was so happy. She got right up and started to dance. Elijah started her Hip Hop Harry tape and she really got to dancing. I was crying tears of pure joy. I have always dreamed of having a little girl and taking her to dance classes and just having a princess. Sarah is a princess, no doubts there. She is all girly girl. I just did not know what her ability would be and to see how far she has come I am just filled with joy and unimaginable love for this little princess. God has blessed us with the most wonderful perfect princess ever imagined. God is such a great God and blesses us far beyond what we can fathom. Her knightly brother is also such a blessing and he got right in there and danced with her. He got upset when he saw me crying, but I just told him the truth that I was so proud of both of them and to see them so happy gave me happy tears. He is such a special kid. So sensitive to others. He has started soccer academy this week. He is really getting good at soccer and really excels in it. I love both of my kids so much. Thank you God for blessing me with my 2 little miracle babies.
I am sorry this is sideways, I can not convince it that I did not turn it this way, and it will not turn the right way!!!! Silly computer. I have a video of her dancing to Hip Hop Harry, but it is too long and I can not get it to upload.

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Soo precious! We are in the process of adopting a little girl with DS. Would love to connect with you! We have a biological son who is almost 4, and our daughter is almost 18 months (she is currently in Hong Kong).
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